Across America people are being arrested for feeding the homeless. The claim is that feeding the homeless will spread Hep A. 

But hey-if that fear is preventing the destitute from receiving charitable sustenance from kind hearted Americans, why is there no concern for Hep A and other diseases being spread through public defecation? Colorado’s solution to the problem was to legalize public defecation. San Francisco has “poop maps” to indicate areas that pedestrians ought to avoid so they won’t step on human waste.

And wait a minute-aren’t these the same lawmakers who decriminalized knowingly infecting someone with HIV through sex, blood and organ donations?

The recent sweep of homeless encampments in Orange County, CA  points to a nefarious motive. The 2018 elections are coming up and the Dems want to shoo the problem they created away from the unforgiving eye of the camera lens.

Not only is the blight of the homeless a reality check for Democrat policies, it begs the question: why on earth would they add to the suffering of these people by opening our borders to flood our cities with more of the same?

I’ve got my thoughts on the matter, but let’s hear yours. Comment below so your input won’t get lost in the Facebook feed!



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