The original logo for the Democrat Party was a white rooster crowing for white supremacy.

The White Rooster-that is, the White Supremacist Rooster- is one more reason that Democrats are scrambling to destroy all traces of our nation’s history.

Racism always points back to the Democrats-the Party that fought to keep their slaves and used their militia-the KKK-to prevent freed slaves from enjoying their newly mandated Civil Rights.

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The Democrat Party logo of a white supremacist rooster is an embarrassment they (almost) successfully purged from the internet.

On January 21, 1966  a headline from The Birmingham Press  read “Loyalist Faction Wins “White Supremacy Goes”

Alabamans cast a secret ballot to remove the words “White Supremacy” from their logo. However, a portion of the text in this newspaper clipping reveals the sinister manipulation of the black community that still exists today.

“In an unexpected display of strength the Loyalist faction of the State Democratic Executive Committee removed the “white supremacy” label from the Party emblem Saturday in a moved admittedly designed to keep negro voters in the fold.” 

The article also mentioned the manipulative input of a Charles W. Mckay.

“McKay gained fame a number of years ago when he offered the “Nullification Resolution” in the Legislature which sought to declare null and void the Supreme Court’s  school desegregation decision.

McKay made it clear that the decision was necessary if the Democrats were to attract Negro votes this year. 

“We can’t afford to spend a lot of money nominating candidates this Spring and then take a stick and run off 150,000 to 175,000 voters who might vote Democratic,” he declared.”

The image of the entire article and be seen and magnified on archive. org

The Black Panther Party sprung in defiance of the White Rooster

An interesting note is that the name of the Black Panther Party was inspired by a Party in Alabama known as the LCFO (The Lowndes County Freedom Organization) that sought to gain influence over the racist Democrat Party.

State law required that a political party have a symbol. The LCFO chose the black panther.  Civil Rights activist Stokely Carmichael bridged this organization with the more well known Black Panther Party for Self Defense.  Carmichael addressed the conference for “Black Power and Change” at UC Berkely. He ridiculed the “white cock” and explained the reason behind the Black Panther symbol,

 “In Lowndes County, we developed something called the Lowndes County Freedom Organization. It is a political party. The Alabama law says that if you have a Party you must have an emblem. We chose for the emblem a black panther, a beautiful black animal which symbolizes the strength and dignity of black people, an animal that never strikes back until he’s back so far into the wall, he’s got nothing to do but spring out. Yeah. And when he springs he does not stop.”

Wannabe and Withering Flower Children are pathetic. 

It’s interesting that part of the allure of the Democrat Party today is that their voters believe they’re with the “cool, hip” Party of the  60’s Civil Rights movement.

But that’s a total joke. The White Rooster provides additional evidence that during the 60’s the Democrats were still the racist Party opposing Civil Rights.

Even when LBJ begrudgingly passed the Civil Rights Act, his motive was just as sinister as those who removed “white supremacy” from the White Rooster logo. It is said that he expressed his motive by saying, “I’ll have those n**gers voting Democrat for the next 200 years.”  He frequently used the N* word.

Dr. Martin Luther King was an Independent and his father was a Republican.

Malcolm X warned, “The Democrats are playing you for a political chump and if you vote for them not only are you a chump, you’re a traitor to your race.”

Today’s leader of the Black Panther Party, Quannell X agreed with President Trump that Democrats exploit black voters. He also called Obama to the carpet for having failed the black community.

“The cover up is worse than the crime.”

Dems really dropped the ball on this one.

Instead of just admitting their sordid past as racist Nazis, and feigning heartfelt contrition, they keep lying by claiming that the Parties “switched” at some point.

They’re hoping that students in the Dem-run school and college swamps don’t crack open a book other than something like Transgender Oppression in  Cis-White Male America before they can erase historical evidence of their crimes against humanity.

They’re in a mad dash  to destroy confederate statues and demonize “White America” instead of the true  slave masters-the  Democratic Party that fought aggressively to keep the abomination of slavery alive.

Instead of owning up to their past. they’re frantically burying their roots as the Party of the KKK. But the bones in the back yard keep popping up.

Their attempt to choke the truth of their White Supremacist Rooster logo was futile Their racist past crows on.

Like their KKK, Democrats hide behind many masks and cloaks.

They hide behind cries of racism  to block voter ID laws so that dead people and illegals can steal the vote of a black person.

They hide behind lofty words about caring about the black community to win votes, then abandon them after the  election.

They  hide behind concern about ‘lack of government oversight”of charters schools. so they  fight tooth and nail against school choice. School choice could lift those who are growing up in the shackles of poverty and hopelessness out of a future financial prison. Then again, school choice threatens to  remove the benefit of  controlling and censoring historical narrative.

They hide behind concern and self righteous outrage to rile up certain members of the black community to evoke rage and blame about their circumstances  They point the finger of blame elsewhere instead of where it belongs-on the Democrat leadership that  created and sustains their financial situation.

All that divides us is shared truthful information.

There’s a lot of good people on the Left that are tragically unaware that they’re fighting on behalf of everything and everyone they claim to hate. Please share this and similar information so we can truth bomb the lies.

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