The Left should blame Hillary, the DNC and the Media.

The Left is addicted to hate and outrage, but it’s tragically misdirected towards President Trump. They should turn their unbridled rage towards the  entities who handed us President Trump. The Left should blame Hillary, the DNC and the media for Americans “being stuck with” President Trump. 

The Left needs to come to grips with the fact that Candidate Trump played according to the rules of the game when he ran and his opponent did not. They wail about the electoral college, but that was the agreement they all willingly entered into. Hillary chose to rest on her “it’s my turn” laurels.

The Left likes to point to the “decades of experience” that Hillary had in the political arena. No argument there. So who should know better than Hillary Clinton how the electoral college works?

Hillary believed it would be taken care of for her. She believed own fake polls. Sadly, so did her Hillbots who were misled and whipped into a frenzy by the MSM.

The DNC and Hillary Put Donald Trump in office.

Fact: They rigged the election and stole it from Bernie.

When Wikileaks exposed the DNC for rigging the election, Wasserman-Schultz was forced to resign.  No one denied it. Hillary did not disavow. She “punished” Debbie W-S with a cushy job as Honorary Chair of her campaign.

The DNC didn’t count on Bernie being so popular. So they knocked him out of the box. Instead, they chose to offer up a career criminal candidate that had a very low favorability rating with the general public.

They also didn’t count on getting caught. Bernie supporters and swing voters were not impressed with Hillary for gleefully benefiting from  such an outlandish fraud. That couldn’t have helped with her challenge of being “likable.”

Here’s something for the Left to chew on:
Since the DNC rigged the election and stole it from Bernie, that means they KNEW that voters did not want Hillary.

The DNC is a bunch of thugs. They knew Hillary wouldn’t win, even if they politically whacked Bernie. They were caught repeatedly in engaging in voter fraud, both during the primaries and the general election.

Examples: inciting violence at Trump rallies,  bussing voters from outside districts, people voting more than once, and enrolling felons, dead people, and non-citizens.

Bernie won a lawsuit that revealed massive voter fraud  taking place in California-a state that the Left likes to paint as a huge Hillary fan club. Turned out that Bernie won California in a landslide.

But that’s just scratching the surface.

We’re in the midst of watching a boiling pot that’s about to blow wide open. As the Seth Rich case has reemerged, so have the shenanigans of Debbie Wasserman-Schultz and the DNC.

Three murders share eerie similarities. Seth Rich, Shawn Lucas and Beranton Whisenant . They were all connected to the DNC and investigating voter fraud.

See:  “Major Updates in the Seth Rich Investigation. #5 is a Mindblower.” and…

“Prosecutor Investigating Voter Fraud in Wasserman-Schultz District Murdered!”

Even with whacking Bernie, committing massive voter fraud and God-knows-what else, Hillary lost to an opponent that angry Leftie’s still refer to as  ‘loser.”

The Left believed the polls and they also believed the media who fawned all over Hillary after she stole the election from Bernie.

But if the Left is going to swallow the  MSM  dribble regarding polls and how wonderful Hillary is, and how horrible President Trump is, then they should believe this: according to their own reports, the media states that Bernie would have beaten Donald Trump.

Ironically, many mainstream media rags trumpet that of course  Bernie would have beaten Donald Trump because it sounds like a dig at our President. Lefties who have lost control of their ability to think rationally suck it up.

Not all, but more than one MSM outlet say Bernie would have won.
  • The Observer headline read, The Democratic Elites Still Can’t Grasp That Bernie Would Have Won in a Landslide. 
  • Newsweek headlined, Would Bernie Sanders Have Won? Poll shows Senator more Popular Than Trump.
  • The LA Times headline, President Sanders? Bernie Would Have Beaten Trump.
  • A hilarious headline from the Washingon Post read, Of Course Bernie Sanders Would Have Beaten Donald Trump

So basically these outlets are accidentally informing readers that Hillary and the DNC are to blame for Hillary’s crushing defeat. By their own “logic” they’re stating that by stealing the election from Bernie, Hillary and the DNC are responsible for handing the election to President Trump.

(of course we all know that’s not why he won)

So the Left needs to turn their anger on Hillary, the DNC  and the media for putting President Trump in the White House. It sure as Hell isn’t Donald Trump’s “fault” that he worked tirelessly and creatively to campaign and won, despite all the obstacles.

It’s also clear that between the DNC, Hillary, Soros, the media and Obamagate, it wasn’t the Russians trying to interfere with our election process.

One more entity they should focus their rage on-Bernie Sanders.

The weak-kneed old man not only caved to the DNC thugs, he supported and campaigned for the criminal queen.

Lord knows what kind of strong-arm tactics they used on the old codger, if any. Maybe they really did pay him off with a  $6000,000 beachfront vacation home.

Bottom line-Bernie Sanders sold out to the Globalists.

Bernie Sanders had a shot at something equally as historical as winning a Presidential election. He had a shot at being a mouthpiece-a beacon of truth to expose the corruption of the DNC and Hillary Clinton.

Julian Assange will be remembered long after Americans say Bernie who?

Instead, he joined the swampmonsters. Which means that if he had won, we’d never have seen an end to DC corruption. The swamp would have festered and grown under his watch. Sanders Socialism would have been the least of our worries.

The rest of us owe them all an enormous debt of gratitude. 

Do you believe that Socialist  Bernie Sanders would have beaten candidate Trump? Comment below!

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