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Whole Foods Serves Up GMOs. Where’s the Outrage?

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Jeff Bezos is Selling Customers GMOs at Whole Foods. How unappetizing.

Amazon Kingpin and Propaganda Mogul Jeff Bezos gobbled up Whole Foods about a year ago.

Instead of enhancing the operation, he’s ditching the concept of Whole Foods being an upscale resource for those who care about what they’re putting in their bodies. Instead, he’s decided to poison his clientele with GMOs.

Whole Foods has been blasted before for selling GMO-laced foods. 

Whole Foods was busted in 2012 for selling thousands of items that contained GMOs. Through undercover videos, Natural News exposed Amazon training their employees to lie to customers about GMOs in their products.

As a result of the outcry, Whole Foods promised that by 2018 they would be fully transparent in labeling their products that contained GMOs. They broke that promise. Or was it just a lie in the first place?

Natural News reports,

“Whole Foods will continue to sell unlabeled GMOs while fraudulently insinuating to customers that its stores sell no GMOs whatsoever.”

Globalist Gluttons

The Globalist Elite poison people’s minds, bodies and souls though various means.

Jeff Bezos’s Washington Post-the Left Leaning propaganda tabloid posing as a news source- received a $600 million dollar contract from the CIA.

Left Wing Propaganda posing as objective news has caused immeasurable damage to this country. Thanks to MSM,  the nation is divided as never before. The minds and lives of NeverTrumping “Liberals” have been derailed due to the sustained programming of toxic hatred and the encouragement of “justified” violence.

The rest of us are trying to deal with the orchestrated chaos of the #Resistance. However, since Obama legalized propaganda to be used against Americans in 2012, the media cannot be charged with their heinous crimes.

Immediately upon taking office, President Trump dealt a death blow to the Globalists’ epic money and power grab-the TPP.

If the Left understood more about Globalism or the Trans Pacific Partnership, we wouldn’t be at such odds. “Liberals” supposedly care about the planet, about natural foods and clean water. “Liberals” supposedly despise the elite. Yet this is exactly who and what they’ve been programmed to fight for.

The  highly secretive TPP was not crafted by elected officials, who had limited access to view the Bill.  Instead it was crafted by more than 600 corporations, including Monsanto. Our food labeling laws would have been annihilated.

If people suffered adverse reactions to food and water sources, it would be highly unlikely that they would receive any restitution since part of the corporate-drafted TPP would make it almost impossible to sue large corporations.

Isn’t it odd that with all the protests and marches the Left has been mute regarding GMOs? 

Is it by accident that the only environmentalist protests we’re subjected to serve the Globalist agenda?

Why is it that the Left protests the Dakota Pipeline that, if stopped, would ensure the US’s continued dependence upon hostile countries for oil? If the Left cares about the planet, why don’t they realize that importing oil not only creates damage elsewhere on the very same planet, but causes extra pollution to import it?

Why has the Left been relatively mute regarding nuclear energy? Are they afraid to bring up the subject of uranium?

Why is it that the Left cares about the environment only in terms of “Climate Change” promoted by Globalist vampires?  To “fight Climate Change,” the Elite would slap a carbon tax on individuals, sucking blood money from taxpayers’ bones and position others-like Russia- as the #1 Global energy superpower.

Why has there been no Million Americans Against GMOs March?

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  1. Comments lost during transfer. On 6/2/18 RedCone wrote,” Since bezos has bought whole food I am boycotting it. They lower the prices to lore people there. Not me.”

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