Mexico’s President Nieto sat back while his Foreign Secretary Puppet Luis Videgaray blasted President Trump for the US policy to separate families who are breaking the law by illegally entering the country.

The self-righteous indignation of the Mexican government, and that would surely include President Nieto- included phrases such as “cruel and inhumane.” Of course there was no levelling of charges against the parents who abandon children to cross our border as cruel and inhumane. Yet most Libs would (understandably) have a meltdown if someone abandoned their dog on the highway.

Another phrase-that it’s a “violation of human rights” only applies to those breaking the law. It doesn’t matter that purposely imploding our economy is a violation of all Americans’ human rights-including our Hispanic Americans and their children.

Using a proxy was cagey, because someone might ask,”President Nieto, why don’t you care about Hispanic children?”

Videgaray simultaneously tried to wash their hands of the matter. KTLA5 reported his denial, “The vast majority of cases involve children from three Central American nations — Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador.”

Riiiggghht. Only 1% of the invaders are Mexicans. Got it.

Ohhkaaaayyy.  So why didn’t he or President Nieto care about Hispanic children trekking in from their Southern border? What happened to their tough immigration laws? How did those illegals trek all the way from their southern border to ours? It’s a distance of approximately 1700 miles from El Salvador. Why is it that after a walk that would take well over a month, these illegals weren’t dead or emaciated? If Mexico cares so much about Hispanic children and migrants, why didn’t they offer them asylum? Who gives them monetary support?

If President Nieto “doesn’t know” should we ask George Soros?

This deadly flow is being enabled by Mexico’s President.

Why does President Nieto turn a blind eye, encouraging Mexicans Hispanics and their children to bleed across our border? Wouldn’t that cause a President to feel shame? Wouldn’t that imply he’s a colossal failure? Aside from a few empty threats from some empty headed celebs, can you imagine if Americans were seeking asylum in other countries enmasse? What would that say about our President?

Even if the gate-crashers aren’t Mexican, why would he shoo Hispanic adults and children on instead of opening his caring arms to them? Why must he be so cruel and inhumane?

Agenda Globalista

Trudeau’s been outed for being a Globalist and running a Merkel on our good neighbors to the North.

How is it that Mexico’s President has flown under the radar? Isn’t it time we asked him some tough questions? Like, why are you waging war on America by encouraging an aggressive invasion? Why aren’t you fixing your nation’s poverty instead of forcing your own people to seek opportunity elsewhere? Why shouldn’t you pay for the Wall since you’re causing the problem?

If Hispanic people are leaving their own country because their economy is so bad, why would Democrats open our borders? Are they so stupid that they don’t know that would implode our economy? Where would the Mexicans and other Latinos who they care so much about go then? The massive wealth redistribution scheme would have us all begging for menial labor. But they’re not that stupid, are they?

Some things never change-aside from the costumes.

Democrats have always been racist. Taking those hoods and sheets off was a smart move. Wearing the disguise of “Liberalism” has allowed dangerous subliminal racism to take root in our culture and destroy countless lives in the process.

What about the legal Mexicans who’ve built a life here? Do Hispanic Lives Matter? Why does their well-being mean nothing to Democrats?

Isn’t it incredibly racist to assume that all Hispanic Americans want open borders? That Hispanic Americans love MS-13 gangs? That Hispanic Americans welcome the flow of drugs and criminals that can harm their families? Isn’t it racist to assume that Hispanic Americans aren’t patriots who love this country? Isn’t it a racist smack in the face to every Mexican/Hispanic American who risked it all to serve in our military or law enforcement, including those who protect our border?

The Left and their Globalist Masters don’t care that children are under attack. They’re leading the charge.

Mexico’s President Nieto doesn’t care about Mexicans and other Hispanics any more than Merkel cares about Germans, or Sweden’s PM Stefan Löfven cares about Swedes.

President Trump put an end to the crocodile tears when he quickly signed an EO that families who are detained will not be separated. But the Dems say it wasn’t good enough. Will the Democrats unrelenting war cry reveal their true agenda to open our borders and destroy the US?

What will it take for MSM programmed zombies on the Left to understand that we are engaged in WWlll? And that they’re aligned with everything and everyone they claim to hate? Why don’t they care about our own minorities who are adversely affected by this Wargame?

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