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The #1 Reason Why the Left Hates Christians and Jews


The main reason why the Left hates Christians and Jews is the same reason that Hitler hated the Jews.

Jewish  values, spiritual discipline and love of God made Hitler squirm. He became obsessed with exterminating the Jews to eradicate what they represented-the yoke of conscience. Today’s Nazi Left hates Christians and Jews for the same reason. They stir the conscience. For Elites, conscience  is a barrier to the New World Order.

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Hitler stated, “The Ten Commandments have lost their vitality. Conscience is a Jewish invention; it is a blemish, like circumcision.”

The Left*  hisses and recoils from Jews and Christianity much like Bram Stoker’s Dracula when threatened by a cross.

For the Leftist useful idiot army, conscience  is a buzzkill for their addiction to debauchery, death, deceit and degradation. Conscience  and commandments represent constriction and confinement.

Screeching with adolescent rage, they rebel against “mean Daddy” authority.

*Note-the “Left ” here refers to Democrats, RINOs, “Progressives,” “Liberals,” and Jewish “Liberals” who consciously or not- align with the Luciferian Globalist Elite.

The Democratic Party is a path for “freedom” and self-gratification.

Hitler said,

“Providence has ordained that I should be the greatest liberator of humanity. I am freeing man from the restraints of an intelligence that has taken charge, from the dirty and degrading self-mortifications of a false vision known as conscience and morality, and from the demands of a freedom and personal independence which only a very few can bear.”

Mistaking self indulgence and instant gratification for freedom, the alt-Left misses the point of restrictions.

A piano has only 88 keys. There are only 12 musical notes. But the creative possibilities are endless. A figure skater can only refine their art to the degree that they are willing to live each day with tremendous discipline, effort and sacrifice. They also must willingly accept the rules of competition.

Joy is Light. We all seek the Light. What the alt-Left  doesn’t understand is that while something might feel good in the short term, the long term will suffer tremendous damage. The parallel is a slow burning candle vs a firecracker.

This is the purpose of restriction.

Pop culture abhors restrictions.

The radicalized  Left doesn’t accept the center, nevermind the Right of center.

Instead, they bully and intimidate the rest of the world to respect and submit to their often vile choices-even when they endanger innocent children.

Hitler was the Granddaddy of the New World Order.

As stated on, “Hitler viewed National Socialism as a New World Order, a way to create mankind anew.”

As we’ve seen in Europe, the only way to “create mankind anew-” for the purpose of instituting a One World Government- is to destroy anything and everyone that stands in the way.

Angela Merkel is the new Hitler.

Merkel is exploiting the guilt, denial  and passivity of the citizens of Germany.

She’s crushing them with an invading army that has raped and gang-raped thousands of young women. The NWO mercenaries have  destroyed Germany’s culture and environment. Some German citizens have  literally been kicked out of their homes so migrants could move in.

There is no gratitude-just promises to destroy them all. For Allah.

Angela Merkel won’t let a little thing like conscience  get in her way. 

Globalist forces and their Leftist followers scoff at God. They loathe Christianity and Judaism. They prefer Lucifer, the Satanic cult of Radical Islam, Moloch and Baal.

The programmed Hitler youth sang the same sentiments as the programmed youth and incredibly immature adults on the Left do today.

The Hitler youth sang,

We have no need for Christian virtue.

Our leader is our savior.

The pope and rabbi shall be gone.

We shall be pagans once again.

Hillary’s mentor, Saul Alinsky stated, “The ends justify the means.”

Hillary certainly took that statement seriously. Between the ‘coincidental” Clinton body count, Benghazi, ripping off earthquake victims in Haiti, tens of thousands slaughtered in the Ukranian coup, and laughing about the torture and murder of Gaddafi, her hands are immersed in rivers of blood.

No conscience. 

Just excuses, blame, seething rage and vindictiveness. But to Hillary and other elite occultists, ” the ends justify the means.”

Her long time associate and Campaign Chairman John Podesta and his brother Tony have extensive art collections that reek with pedophilia and Satanism. John had  a cannibalistic painting hanging on the wall in his office. He quipped,

“It’s better to be the guy with the fork than the guy on the table.”

The Elite Globalist Left plays with a whole different set of rules than the rest of us.  And rule #1 is to avoid conscience  like the plague.  To that end, waging war on religion is not so much a necessary evil, but an absolute delight.

“Conscience is the voice of the soul” ~Polish proverb.

If conscience is the voice of the soul, eradicating conscience is death to the soul.

That’s how they sleep at night.

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  1. Ed

    “The end justifies the means” = “For the greater Good” Same meaning different words !

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