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Why Weren’t the FBI Lovebirds Fired for Having an Affair?

One of the many points lost in the orchestrated carpet bombing chaos of this ongoing coup is-why weren’t FBI lovebirds Strzok and Page fired for having an extramarital affair?

The two FBI Lovebirds were obsessed with stopping Trump from winning the election, If that didn’t work, Strzok vowed to  utilize an “insurance” policy to take him out. In addition he referenced a “secret society” operating within the DOJ and FBI who would apparently pull it off.

OK that’s all very hard to investigate, prove and prosecute. But if nothing else, Comey and his Master Obama should have fired them the second news broke of their affair.

Why? It’s standard procedure.

Remember that Ashley Madison scandal? 

Way back in July of 2015 the Ashley Madison dating website that pairs people with others who seek an extramarital affair was hacked. The hackers known as “The Impact Team” threatened to expose the identities of some 32 million cheaters the world over if the site was not closed down.

The data breach impacted government workers too. Turns out they were scouring the site for hookups on government time. The pre-Trump-hating Washington Post reported, “Now that the Ashley Madison hack has outed as many as 15,000 federal employees and active duty military, government agencies say they’re combing through the e-mail addresses of possible adulterers to see if their extramarital activity on work time amounts to anything punishable.”

The same WaPo, now owned by Jeff Bezos who recieved a $600 million dollar contract from the CIA, reported in 1994 that the FBI sought to have a squeaky clean staff. Then-FBI Director Louis J. Freeh warned FBI agents:

“Lying, cheating or stealing is wholly inconsistent with everything the FBI stands for and cannot be tolerated..”

Post-Hoover and Pre-Obama, the FBI had high standards.  

An FBI agent caught having an extramarital affair was automatically canned. Why? Because if an agent is having an undisclosed extramarital affair, they’re subject to blackmail. It is also considered behavior that could pose a national security risk and could bring disgrace to the Agency.

Is it another case, as with utilizing private servers to conduct government business, that if Strzok and Page were fired for cheating on their spouses  half the agency would have to be fired for doing it too?

Is it because of what they know about the cheatin’ hearts of their higher-ups that they held some cards?

They weren’t fired and they both retained their security clearances.

According to Fedsmith. com:

“Even if federal employees with a security clearance are able to keep an extramarital affair from a spouse, they will have a harder time keeping that secret from the government, especially when their clearance comes up for review. Adultery is the kiss of death for federal employees with security clearances; it is very hard to prove to Defense Office of Hearings and Appeals (DOHA) administrative judge that an employee who engaged in adulterous conduct does not pose a threat to national security given the individuals’ susceptibility to coercion related to the affair.”

WaPo mentioned another one  of Freeh’s policies that was thrown out the window. “The guidelines also provide for suspension or dismissal for the unauthorized disclosure of classified or sensitive FBI information.” 

Yet Comey and other leakers walk free.

Will Christopher Wray prove to be friend or foe?

So here’s another question. If Christopher Wray intends to restore our faith in this festering cesspool of an agency, will he start with these two quick remedies?

Will he pull Strzok’s  security clearance and show him the door? If he doesn’t, should we conclude that Wray is just one more Swampmonster heading our two very unequal systems of justice? A co-conspirator in the unrelenting ongoing coup?

John Crudelle of the NY Post surmised, “The only logical conclusion… is that the two must be cooperating in an investigation against FBI higher-ups like James Comey and Andrew McCabe, the two top FBI guys during the investigation.”

Could it be that the two lovebirds were protected by the Obama/Comey FBI by just being demoted (and Page allowed to simply resign) because they’d spill the beans? Are they now being protected by Wray’s FBI for that very same reason? Question is-are they being protected by a bad cop or a good cop?

Christopher Wray’s lukewarm response to the scathing IG Report doesn’t leave room for much hope.

“We’ve got some work to do”, Mr Comey said during a press conference, but “nothing – nothing – in this report impugns the integrity of our workforce as a whole or of the FBI as an institution.” 

Wray took the opportunity to respond to the IG Report by touting the work done by the FBI as a whole. We were never concerned about the majority of the devoted public servants in the agency. Just the bad cops at the top. If he fires Strzok will that be enough proof of his loyalty?

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  2. Comments lost during transfer. On 6/18/18 PurpleBox wrote,”Wray is running the FBI with blinders on. I do not trust him to be honest about anything going on with the FBI”

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