What a brutal week.

The entire country was assaulted by default when the Stalin-esque thugs in Mueller’s coup-squad raided the residence and office of President Trump’s lawyer, They accomplished 3 things: 1) they destroyed the Constitutionally guaranteed right to Lawyer-client privilege. 2) Mueller aggressively ramped up efforts to overthrow the results of the 2016 election. 3) With the target of their search being communications about Stormy Daniels and the 11 year old P* tape, they proved the illegitimacy of the Mueller “investigation.”

The country is jittery because of tensions brewing between the US, Syria and Russia in response to Syria’s alleged atrocious chemical weapons attack on their own citizens. Many declare it a false flag, especially since the Globalist ISIS-colluding McCain made a recent  trip to Syria. Russia and Syria blame Israel.

We were subjected to the most punchable face in America-Mark Zuckerberg-weaseling his way around softball questions from members of Congress who’ve enjoyed mega-donations from the First Amendment-crushing fascist.

Exhausting. And now this.

James Comey is taking a page out of sore loser Hillary’s book.  Rather than hold himself accountable for his misdeeds or exiting from the loser stage with grace and dignity, he’s raking in millions and garnering accolades from Trump-haters.

As a witness in the Mueller probe he’s compromising the sham of an investigation and pointing out the tragic loss of law and order in this country.

Jimmy famously subverted justice by colluding with Lyin’ Loretta Lynch by calling the investigation into Hillary’s emails a “matter.”  He said her secret tarmac meeting with Bill-whose wife was under DOJ investigation-made him uncomfortable but he did nothing about it. His team magically read through thousands of Hillary’s emails that surfaced on Weiner’s laptop in just days before declaring them irrelevant.  He admitted to committing the crime of leaking memos to the press in hopes to trigger a special council.

When up is down and down is up.

He has yet to be prosecuted for perjury or leaking to the press. Instead, upon being fired, his vile actions were rewarded by a multi-million dollar book deal.

The book tour is officially in full swing.

Looks like we’ll be inundated with pics of James Comey’s mug and snippets of his slanderous attacks on our President as he peddles “A Higher Loyalty: Truth, Lies, and Leadership.”  One beaut to surface-he labelled President Trump a “mob boss.”

James Comey was caught lying under oath to Congress and refused to answer their questions.  Yet he is  “telling all” to news anchors and readers who eagerly lap up his libelous claims. Please tell me why anyone would knowingly publish a pack of lies written by a corrupt liar? Was the publisher paid off by Trump’s/America’s enemies? Who would spend time and money to read a pack of lies from an admitted felon? How is it that he’s allowed to profit from his crimes? Who would spend $850 dollars to attend his book signing?

On a scale of 1-10 how “queasy” does this make you feel?

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