During the election, the Dems loved to terrify their malleable followers with visions of a reckless Trump with his finger on the red button!

But Obama and Hillary were both itching to start a war with Russia.

This week proved that Obama’s reckless temperament puts the lives of American citizens and citizens across the globe at risk.

Obama  is in full-on revenge and hissy fit mode, so he spat in Russia’s face with various sanctions. Supposedly in retaliation for hacking and/or interfering with the election.

This accusation coming from the guy who spent our hard earned taxpayer dollars to interfere with Israel’s  election to oust Netanyahu!

There is zero-repeat ZERO proof that Russia hacked our elections. In spite of how the propaganda dept of the government spins it. Judge Napolitano  even stated on his show that it was in fact, the NSA that did the hacking and the leaking. But that doesn’t fit the leftist narrative, so of course it was buried.

Like a Crack-High-Host-from-Hell he accused 35 Russian Diplomats (the NY Times referred to them as “Russian Intelligence Operatives”) of being spies and booted them and their families out of the country on the day before Christmas! 

He succeeded in one thing-making himself look like an out of control psycho on the global stage. Some “legacy!”

Thank God Putin is highly intelligent and gracious. He took the high road. The Telegraph reports his reaction.

“Chiding the outgoing president for a provocation designed to undermine US-Russian relations, Mr Putin chose instead to look forward to the incoming administration of Mr Trump who has promised a re-set with Moscow.

“We will not create problems for American diplomats. We will not expel anyone,” he said. “Furthermore, I invite all children of US diplomats accredited in Russia to the Christmas and New Year tree in the Kremlin.”

LOL The best possible way to humiliate Obama!

Trump praised Putin for being “smart” in his decision not to retaliate. And Obama and Hillary wonder why we don’t all buy into their Big Bad Russia BS!

But Obama’s scorched earth sanctions keep backfiring.

Obama threw a Trump-grenade at Israel earlier this week. It backfired!  Even most Dems, including some politically suicidal Jews were outraged.

His reckless fire at Russia is backfiring!

He couldn’t create a war to distract from investigations. Or to create world chaos to keep himself in office.  Or to sabotage the incoming administration. He just made himself look like a damn fool. And a selfish one at that. Whatever his motives were, he put the entire nation’s safety and future in jeopardy. Based on zero-repeat ZERO evidence.

Obama’s little stunt may backfire yet again!

Wikileaks is on top of the truth again. Here’s three of their December 29th tweets :

“Obama’s banning Russian diplomats from entering into two diplomatic properties in the US is likely a violation of the Vienna Convention.”

“Obama’s Exec Order does not cover WikiLeaks. It covers hacking of voting machines–for which there is no evidence.” 

“Obama’s banning Russian diplomats from entering into two diplomatic properties in the US is likely a violation of the Vienna Convention.”  

Most of us can only dream that our Congress would act boldly and speedily enough to impeach BHO before he leaves office. Or that they’d have the stones to impeach him post-presidency. A more likely scenario would be that Obama will pardon himself before slithering away. Even more likely still will be his continued efforts to destroy the US.

The ultimate backfire will be when Trump takes over.

First Trump will have to get the US Marshalls to yank him out of the White House by the ankles as he claws at the door frames. Michelle can stand by filming it with her cell phone and anti-cop diatribe.

Then President Trump will have to repair the enormous damage done to this country over the last 8 years. Much will be revealed during this process. Makes you wonder if that’s part of Obama’s sweaty little panic? Obama’s directives have been at the behest of the UN and through Hillary, would have finalized the destruction of this country. His primary goal was to fulfill  his promise to “fundamentally transform America.” Hillary’s “dream of open borders” would have closed the deal.

In his last few days in office he’s determined to undermine the new administration. By banning offshore oil drilling forever. By siding with terrorists and creating lethal unrest in the Mideast by betraying Israel. And by prodding Russia with unfounded accusations and sanctions based on zero-repeat ZERO proof.

But when President Donald Trump overcomes these land mines on top of the horrific mess of Obama’s “legacy” it’ll just make him look even better. And Obama even worse.

Really looking forward to that backfire! January 20th cannot come soon enough!

Wishing  Americans, Israelis and Russians and all our allies a Happy and Blessed New Year!