President Trump’s Administration has gone nuclear in the war on human sex trafficking rings.

There have been well more than 2,000 arrests of human sex traffickers since President Trump has taken office. There were more than 1500 within the first few months alone. It’s unprecedented. It’s unappreciated. It’s under reported. It’s hard to find stats through anti-Trump Google.

The latest bust of Backpage.com is a major scandal.

On Friday the FBI seized the website Backpage.com. The charges include facilitating sex trafficking and offering underage prostitution.

More scandalous-Backpage.com was a generous contributor to the Democrats, including Hillary and Nancy Pelosi. Will the high powered women whose careers bank on the gender card disavow? Will they return the money? How much did they know about this contributor?

It seems that Backpage is similar to Craigslist, which has had its share of sex related crimes. Do you think Craigslist is in their crosshairs?

The Left is still howling over the P*word said in a private setting over 11 years ago. The Left’s #Metoo movement feigns Victorian-era prudishness. The Feminazi March repeats the P*word ad nauseum regardless of children who may be present.

That the delicate “Progressive Feminists” remain silent in response to Radical Islamic crimes against women and children, human sex trafficking, and the pedophilia epidemic proves that their concern for women is merely a front that provides a means to oust our fairly elected President.

Why the silence on this issue? It’s not like President Trump has accomplished this single-handedly. Many elected officials can share the spotlight.

What are your thoughts on the Backpage bust? On  MSM and “Feminist” silence on these matters? Are these busts exposing their Luciferian underbelly?

Comment below (not just on Facebook!) and don’t be afraid to bring up Pizzagate if you think it applies!


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