CA Senator Richard Pan is fighting strenuously to ensure that the First Amendment and parents’ rights are utterly destroyed.

Senator Pan is waging war on the First Amendment on behalf of his Big Pharma pals. If some children are killed or damaged in the process, so be it.

Shut up or get shut up

His proposal-Bill SB-1424would require “unapproved” media, such as independent journalists, bloggers and vloggers to carry “California Warning Labels,” essentially diminishing the value of their own content.

It could also lead to their own imprisonment, since “fake news” would be criminalized. Therefore, if you bad mouth Big Pharma you could be arrested, indicted and imprisoned because anyone challenging the official narrative on vaccines would be deemed as “fake news.” At the very least, a person’s website-aka likelihood-could be seized.

As stated in Natural News

“…since fake news will soon be criminalized in California, you will be arrested, indicted, convicted and imprisoned for merely uttering a scientific truth such as, “California still injects children with flu shots containing the neurotoxic heavy metal mercury.” Even though this is an openly admitted fact coming right out of the California government itself, it opposes the official vaccine narrative which falsely claims all mercury has been removed from vaccines. Thus, you will go to jail.”

Social media communications would likewise be muffled.

As stated in the Bill,  “As used in this section, “social media” means an electronic service or account, or electronic content, including, but not limited to, videos, still photographs, blogs, video blogs, podcasts, instant and text messages, email, online services or accounts, or Internet Web site profiles or locations.

Self incrimination

If SB1424 passes, it could require warning labels on all web pages accessed by California residents.

Mike Adams of Natural News quotes indie journalist Jon Rappoport: “such a warning label might be something along the lines of, “I am making a debatable assertion and I must warn you that official experts strenuously disagree with me, and furthermore, the California Fact Checkers United, a division of Merck-Snopes Thought Police, has determined that my assertion is groundless and harmful to children’s health…

But California’s war on the First Amendment doesn’t stop with Big Pharma. Californians could also be criminally charged for criticizing the devastating effects of illegal immigration on their state.

If you think he couldn’t pull it off,  think again.

For starters, Senator Pan is in California where fascist “Liberal” lunacy rules. Here’s some highlights of his resume:

•Pan successfully put Bill SB 277 into law that makes mercury based vaccines mandatory before children can attend school.

•Bill 277 essentially removes parents’ rights to forgo vaccines before their children could attend public schools.

•Senator Pan has been caught lying as he denied that mercury and aborted fetal tissue is used in the production of vaccines. Those who question the use of these ingredients are labeled conspiracy theorists or loony anti-vaxxers even though the CDC openly posts documents the use of these components.

•Bill SB-18 was introduced by Senator Richard Pan, seeking to give the government the right to seize children from their parents if they are making medical decisions that the state feels are “not in the child’s best interests.”

Money talks. 

Would campaign contributions from Big Pharma have anything to do with Pan’s initiatives and those who support  them? They’d deny it, but the cha-ching says otherwise. As reported in the Sacramento Bee,

“Other legislation has a more direct bearing on the industry, and it is an active political player. Pharmaceutical companies and their trade groups gave more than $2 million to current members of the Legislature in 2013-2014, about 2 percent of the total raised, records show. Nine of the top 20 recipients are either legislative leaders or serve on either the Assembly or Senate health committees. Receiving more than $95,000, the top recipient of industry campaign cash is Sen. Richard Pan, a Sacramento Democrat and doctor who is carrying the vaccine bill.

In addition, the industry donated more than $500,000 to outside campaign spending groups that helped elect some current members last year.”

Richard Pan was not surprisingly-the top recipient of Big Pharma’s big bucks.

When is enough enough?

It’s amazing how much evil can be set loose in society under the “Liberal” guise of “doing good” and “caring” for the planet or children.

Richard Pan’s initiatives flourish in the same state that criminalized offering someone a plastic straw but de-criminalized knowingly infecting someone with HIV through sex or donating blood or organs.

Is this some kind of mind bending social experiment to see how far they can push people past the brink of insanity? How can we keep up with all this lunacy?

Is the carpet bombing of insanity a ploy to create apathy and disgust with the rest of the nation so they become indifferent to a California secession? Perhaps even cheer it on? Allowing California to become a separate hostile country operating within our borders would be a lethal mistake for the entire nation. Will Red-pilled Californians manage to take back their state-thus ensuring national security- in 2018?

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