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Will Dems’ Call for Open Borders Open Their Pedo Pandora’s Box?

President Trump’s EO to stop separating families who break the law to crash our borders wasn’t good enough for Democrats.

Will their war cry for open borders be the ultimate backfire? 

It’s already exposing their true agenda-to shred our borders and annihilate the USA in favor of a One World Government. It’s also calling attention to their history of how much they “care” about children and families:

•Photo evidence shows side by side comparisons of the much improved facilities under President Trump’s Administration.

•It’s netting in the issue of the sinister ruse of sanctuary cities and the true purpose of open borders-to purposely implode our economy and to smuggle in Radical Islamists to overthrow the US.

•It’s calling attention to the Democrats’ siding with MS-13 and foreigners over Americans-including our own minorities.

•It’s showing a bizarre indifference to the opioid crisis that is ravaging our nation.

•As they weep crocodile tears “for the children”  their indifference to human sex trafficking and in particular-child sex trafficking is downright disturbing.

Icing ICE

A noisy trend that has followed crackdowns at our border is “Liberals” demonizing the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Many are calling for a complete shut down of the agency.

Washed up Sex and the City star, Cynthia Nixon who’s running for Governor of NY, went so far as to call ICE a “terrorist organization.”

Isn’t it interesting that the Left is calling for ICE to be shut down? The agency works tirelessly to uncover, dismantle and disrupt human trafficking. 

The ICE website states:

“In fiscal year 2016, HSI initiated 1,029 investigations with a nexus to human trafficking and recorded 1,952 arrests, 1,176 indictments, and 631 convictions; 435 victims were identified and assisted.  ICE continues to make human trafficking cases a top investigative priority, bringing traffickers to justice and connecting victims to services to help them restore their lives.”

Is that how they “care” for children? If ICE is in their crosshairs, how can we not find that suspicious?

Will this colossal backfire blow open the Pedo-Pandora’s Box? 

When “fact checking” Liberals at Snopes can’t spin something you know you’ve got a problem….

Snopes had to admit that the Obama Administration handed migrant children over to child sex traffickers.

“In July 2015, the U.S. Department of Justice indicted a ring of traffickers lead by Aroldo Castillo-Serrano and accused them of smuggling children into the United States. They were also accused of lying to Health and Human Services’ Office of Refugee Resettlement (ORR) by posing as relatives in order to gain custody of children in its care and use them for forced labor in Marion, a city north of Columbus. The federal indictment, filed in U.S. district court in Ohio accuses Castillo-Serrano and his conspirators of forcing the children to live in squalid trailers and work six or seven 12-hour days a week, using threats and physical violence as coercion…..

To make matters worse, an investigation published 19 June 2018 by McClatchy revealed that the figure was only a snapshot from a three-month period and the number of children who are unaccounted for by HHS is actually nearly 6,000. The figure is likely exacerbated by an April 2018 agreement that allows background check information, including immigration status, of caregivers like parents and relatives to be shared with immigration authorities. McClatchy reported:

The new estimate comes as backlash widens over President Donald Trump’s’ decision to separate parents and children. Advocates argue the growing numbers of unaccounted children should be expected as families and sponsors become more fearful of federal officials that is now using information from government social workers to run immigration checks and, in some cases, target sponsors, including parents and family members, for removal.”


Solution? Make lots of noise and incite hatred and violence toward President Trump and his Administration. Orchestrated chaos is their cover.

“Debunkers” rushed to downplay the discovery a possible pedo-camp.

When a possible pedo-camp in Arizona was discovered by a group called Veterans on Patrol, red flags went up all over the country.

The Left couldn’t bury the story fast enough. Everyone who was alarmed by the discovery of a “rape tree” with handcuffs at child’s height and a hole in the ground so small that only a child could fit through was ridiculed as a “conspiracy theorist.”

Lewis Arthur of Veterans on Patrol was swiftly and successfully discredited. Judging by what they’ve unearthed, they may not be wrong. However, Craig Sawyer of Vets for Child Rescue, a former Navy Seal, cannot be “debunked.”

The pedo-connection to the camp was  “debunked” without investigation, without calling in the FBI and without blinking an eye. Local police rushed in and bulldozed what could be an entire crime scene. The possible crime scene was found on the property of CEMEX-a contractor who partnered with the Clintons in Haiti.

Just how many coincidences that tie the Clintons to sex trafficking in Haiti are we supposed to ignore?

Even if the pedo-camp alarm was a “conspiracy theory,” it’s still a stone cold fact that there are  human sex traffickers dubbed “coyotes,” who prey on immigrants crossing “their” turf. It’s a stone cold fact that our weak southern border provides a corridor for human trafficking.

Why are Dems so anxious to protect opioid smugglers and human traffickers?

Could it be that it’s provided a hefty income stream?

President Trump took action immediately upon taking office  proving that he aims to stop human trafficking. His EO stated that human trafficking and illegal entry into the US presents a massive national security threat. The EO also provided a means to freeze the assets of anyone involved in human trafficking and corruption.

Backfire: Did child sex trafficking just come to a screeching halt?

By attacking “President Trump’s” policies that separate children from their families, he solved the problem they’ve ignored for decades. The means he’ll use to solve those problems will throw a wrench into the lucrative human trafficking trade. His solutions present big problems for human traffickers.

•Solution: President Trump’s just signed an Executive Order that stops the policy of separating families at the border.

•Solution: Jeff Sessions has called for DNA testing to ensure the adult criminal migrants are actually related to the children in tow.

•Solution: President Trump’s EO not only reunites parents with children, it insists that vulnerable children remain with their parents.

•Solution: Jeff Sessions has vowed that those caught smuggling children will be prosecuted.

•Solution: Entire families will be detained together, pending criminal proceedings. Even if a child is related to the adults in their charge, if they are at risk from those adults they will be separated.

If Democrats “care so much about children,” why is it that the only “solution” they want is open borders to grease the wheels for criminals?

About Melania’s jacket…

A gloating “Liberal” headline read, “Michelle Obama’s fashion stylist trolls Melania.”

What? You mean the one who dresses Michelle by plucking returned items off the Walmart rack? Cattiness aside, the Left has no clue that Melania brilliantly trolled the press, calling them out as fake news. In addition, the whole Michelle trolls thing only calls attention to the fact that  Michelle visited detained kids ZERO times.

But here’s the thing-could it be that Melania’s jacket also brilliantly trolled Globalist human traffickers? Although I cannot verify this information as of yet, there’s a rumor circulating that the jacket was made by children in a sweatshop connected to a child trafficking ring.

It wouldn’t be all that surprising. The manufacturer, Zara of Spain,  has had many scandals over the years. One scandal involved factory slave workers inserting hand written notes in the pockets of the garments to alert consumers that the jacket they just purchased was made by forced, unpaid labor. (For the record, some assert that the jacket was a Zara knockoff.)

Why would Melania wear a jacket that cost less than 40 dollars? Why would she wear a jacket in the blistering Texas heat?

Why is it that as the Left cries for open borders they prioritize criminals, rapists and child sex traffickers above the safety of American citizens-including the children they suddenly care so much about? Why is it that the Left is constantly connected to elite pedophile rings and child sex traffickers?

Fangs out. Claws bared.

Peter Fonda, who rides the coattails of his traitor-sister, couldn’t contain his dark thought process when he tweeted his vile fantasies about young Barron Trump being caged and raped by pedophiles.

Maxine Waters openly called for the harassment, intimidation and refusal of service to anyone in the Trump Administration. The trend on the Left is to bully and intimidate women and children, so her incitement would surely include children she cares so much about.  At the very least, putting children’s parents in harms way is hardly a caring act.

Roseanne coattail-rider Tom Arnold was conspiring on Twitter to stalk, harass and intimidate the First Lady and Barron as well as other children whose parents are connected to the Trump Administration.

The Left cares about children alright. And not in a good way.

It’s all so ugly and upsetting. But is there a plus side?

Does this level of viciousness indicate the level of threat they’re feeling?

Is all the howling and clawing reaching a feverish pitch as they feel the pull of the swirling water in the swamp drain?

Would they be striking out in such a vile and unhinged manner if they weren’t cornered rats?

Does their fear reach beyond being busted for government corruption and treason? Could their possible connections to the lucrative businesses of opioid and human trafficking be on the line?

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  1. Comments lost during transfer. On 6/29/18 OrangeStrawberry wrote, ” Seems like there was a chapter in one of Hillary’s books about the Government actually making life decisions for OUR children, basically “regular” folks aren’t capable of raising our children properly, that teachers would be directing the raising of America’s kids following the dictates of government. Well, that’s what has happened, isn’t it? And most (Democrat) parents didn’t see that coming, but now everyone is all up in their britches because our government has tried to take control of children who’ve come into this country illegally? There was a recent article about how the Border Patrol has requested something like temporary housing for TWENTY THOUSAND ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS! Who in the world can house that many with more coming ever single day?!? We should first cut off all financial aid to Mexico until they take control of their northern border! BUILD THAT WALL!”

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