The Left is using one of their favorite cash cows-child exploitation-in a ploy to pry open our borders. Their latest sickening ploy will exploit the memory of Anne Frank.

Anne Frank, the young Jewish girl whose face and diary entries became one of the most emotionally provocative images of the Holocaust, met her demise at the hands of the Nazis.

President Trump and “his” immigration policies will be blamed for this too. It will also add fuel to the Leftist  “America is a horrible, racist country”  fire. The Left will do whatever it takes to keep their “hate Trump” platform alive. 

Is it time to pronounce the Associated Press officially dead?

The  AP-one of the mother fountains from which all news flows, is revealing itself as a source for all Fakesteam Media supporting the Globalist agenda.

In a blatant effort to tie Anne Frank to calls for open borders, the AP reported, 

“The family of Anne Frank attempted to immigrate to the U.S. in the 1930s and ’40s but was blocked due to America’s strict immigration policies.”

Isn’t this kind of funny timing to report on decades-old news? Apparently they’re using the 76 year anniversary of the day Anne Frank and her family went into hiding as a reason to tie her death to the racist America First movement

It’s true that Anne Frank and her family tried to emigrate to the US, but due to a tremendous backlog in applications and an unfortunate incident involving a loss of records, were unable to do so. Instead, Anne, her family, the Van Pels family and Fritz Pfeffer hid in a warehouse attic in Amsterdam where after two long years, the Nazis raided the annex. Her family and the others hiding there all perished in various Nazi concentration camps. Only her father Otto survived.

The “Stop ICE” campaign isn’t working. Time for something new. 

The campaing to shut down ICE has backfired in two ways;

1) It turns out that the majority of the nation-including registered Democrats-don’t want ICE abolished. Radical calls to destroy ICE and open our borders is adding to the swelling number of Democrats choosing to #WalkAway from the Party. 

2) When Democrats suddenly “cared about children” as an argument to destroy our borders, It backfired by calling undesired attention to the truth about how much they “care” about children.

The following reminders of how much Democrats “care about children” blew up in their face:

The most obvious of course, is the level of sheer hatred they have toward infants- enough to equate torturing, dismembering and  murdering their own children withfreedom and empowerment.

Does the Left care about children as they psycho-sexually abuse them with their radical LGBTQI agenda?

Does the Left care about children when they dress them up in vulgar printed tee shirts and signs to protest President Trump? 

Does the Left care about children as they scramble to bury stories and ridicule anyone who aims to expose and shut down pedophile rings? 

Does the Left care about children by calling to shut down ICE who protects children from child sex traffickers?

The war cry to shut down ICE has called undesired attention to their Obamagod who handed thousands of border children over to child sex traffickers.

The final straw may have been a video resurfacing from last year showing a group of protesters calling for ICE to be shut down while ICE agents were in the process of arresting child sex traffickers. 

Now the Left suddenly “cares” about Jews. 

But will the Left, who “cares” about Jews while labeling political opponents as Nazis turn their ire on the Democrat Party’s true leader, George Soros for his remorse-free, fond memories of being a Nazi collaborator?

Will the Left turn their ire on Obama, Soros, Hillary and McCain for collaborating with Nazis to launch a coup in Ukraine?

Will the Left disavow the vicious antisemitism that they themselves sowed and is raging across college campuses?

Will the Left disavow their Boycott, Divest and Sanction (BDS) movement designed to cripple Israel’s economy?

Will the Left disavow Obama for looting our coffers to fund and arm Iran’s terrorists who are Hell bent on destroying every last Jew on the face of the earth?

Will the Left disavow their cozy relationship with Jew-hating Nation of Islam leader, Louis Farrakhan-America’s contemporary version of Adolph Hitler?

Will the Left disavow their virulent Jew-hating feminazis?

Will the Left disavow Hillary and Planned Parenthood for revering Margaret Sanger whose programs to eliminate black people and Jews actually inspired Hitler? 

Will the Left disavow Operation Paperclip-a clandestine operation designed to import 1,600 elite Nazi scientists and engineers into the US to utilize their knowledge? Or might that call attention to the possibility of corruption at the highest levels of our government? 

Will exploiting Anne Frank also backfire?

Anyone not dependent on Globalist-run media knows that Germans have been convinced to commit national suicide by exploiting their guilt as a means to overthrow their country though weaponized immigration. Are Democrats playing a clearly marked and overplayed card? 

Will evoking the memory of Anne Frank call attention to the Democrat Party’s history as the true racist Nazi Party?

Will making a mockery of the beloved Anne Frank expose that their hatred toward Jews and Israel has never died and in fact has reached a feverish pitch?

Will anyone on the Left who claims to abhor racism wake up and realize they’re on the wrong side?

Will any  “Liberal Jew” on the Left ever wake up to the monsters they blindly follow and collaborate with? 

Will evoking the memory of Anne Frank reveal the convoluted narrative that President Trump and his followers are Nazis, when in fact, the Globalist agenda is guilty of crimes against humanity by pushing for the genocide of the white race, Christians, Jews, conservative minorities, conservative gays, and heterosexuals? 

Will this ploy expose the Globalists’ Dr. Mengele-style science experiments destroying the lives of adults and children through sex reassignment surgery?

Will exploiting Anne Frank expose the Globalists’ eugenics plan to depopulate 95% of the human race through abortions, promoting LGBT lifestyles, GMOs, vaccines and other means?

Will playing the Anne Frank card expose the Globalists use of propaganda (legalized by Obama) to recruit a massive idiot army fighting for everything and everyone they claim to hate? 

Do Democrats and their “Liberal” army not see the irony that if Anne Frank were alive today she would be a target of the Left and their collaborators? 

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