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Will This Satanic GIF Spell the End of Fox News?

Fox News has been coming out of the “Liberal” closet. Is this Satanic GIF the final straw?

Not only did Fox News tweet a Satanic GIF of a pilgrim turkey eating an infant, Shannon Beam and Boyd Matheson retweeted it as well. 

Is it simply an innocent joke about a turkey turning the tables on humans? Or is there something more sinister going on? 

Does this remove any doubt that Fox is leaning increasingly Left? 

Will “Liberals” start tuning in? Surely they’ll love anything that bashes our history and our country, especially on Thanksgiving. 

This Satanic GIF seems more like something Planned Parenthood might come up with. Or the Podestas and their pedovore pals. 

Could they be playing pedovore games in plain sight?

Should your favorite Fox anchors create their own show?

Or do they think this is funny as well?

Are the Murdochs actually clueless about what’s been going on the world? Or do they know full well what’s going on, and this is an inside joke? 

Will you demand answers? 

Unfortunately the tweet was deleted. Wish I had thought to do a screen shot but the tweet text below featured the image above.

Thanksgiving eve & we’re live @ 11pm w/ @ShannonBream@KristinFisher, John Yoo & @BradMossEsq, Tom Homan & @BoydMatheson @Izac_Wright

— Fox News @ Night (@foxnewsnight) November 22, 2018

Is it time to pull the plug on Fox? Comment below!

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Twitter (Fox tweet was deleted)

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  1. RickKean

    Who, besides you, watches Fox Anything?

  2. Peg_C the Deplorable

    We quit Fox in late 2010 when they revealed their hatred of the Tea Party on election night. We catch YT clips now and then but overall the network has only gotten MORE hateful and appalling. We never, ever watch TV news (and cut cable 1-1/2 years ago).

    • Couldn’t agree more. They’ve gone all Left. Turning lots of us off. Yes, I cut my cable and haven’t owned a TV for about 10 years. Amazing how much we don’t need.

Comments appreciated!

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