President Trump’s call for prison reform shows he’s tough on crime, but soft hearted when it involves “redemption.”

The Hill reports, “Speaking at a White House prison reform summit, Trump called for a compromise to “restore the rule of law, keep dangerous criminals off our street, and help inmates get a second chance on life.”

The President  is calling for a prison reform Bill that will ensure a second chance to those who’ve made mistakes. He wants the Bill to include housing federal inmates closer to home so they can see their families, allow more home confinement, allow prisoners to finish their sentences in a halfway house, receive drug treatment and expand education and prison employment programs. There are already developments in the availability of Felon Jobs when prisoners are released, so combining these with those mentioned above could spell a hugely positive change.

President Trump told Congress to create a Prison Reform Bill and he’ll sign it.

There are allies and opponents on both sides of the aisle.

Apparently the push-back is because the Bill addresses prison reform, not sentencing reform.

The Democrats have defended unvetted illegal immigrants, Hamas terrorists and hard core criminals in MS-13. So it’s no surprise that they’d be more concerned with reducing sentences than with proper rehabilitation. Of course they’d want criminals set loose on the streets as quickly as possible. At least that’s how it will appear when once again, their blind obstruction paints them into a corner.

The Dems have had decades to tackle this issue.

The Party of “compassion” who “cares” about minorities and the needy has not only let them rot in sh*hole cities, they’ve let millions rot in prison.

Bill Clinton’s Three-strikes law passed as Hillary made the racist remark about “super predators.” Under the Three-strikes law, the third strike could lead to a 25 to life prison term. And DUIs and marijuana possession could count. Under the leadership of “hip, cool” Barrack Obama, many young men languished in prison.

So much for being the Party of the the downtrodden and the Black and Latino Communities.

Let them eat Nutraloaf

The lives of 2.3 million minorities have been wasted away due to mass incarceration. The US has only 5 per cent of the world’s population, yet accounts for 25 per cent of the world’s incarcerated.

As a result, many children have been raised without the presence of a father. The damage is immeasurable.  In addition, Democrats adamantly #Resist school choice,  which could provide a way out of the vicious cycle of poverty that often leads to either a life of crime or a life affected by crime.

Will they praise President Trump when he solves yet another problem that has festered under their watch?

How will they explain their chronic blind eye to prison reform? How will they explain turning their backs on minorities in prison while simultaneously demonizing police? Will the Press give this accomplishment any coverage? How will they smear President Trump for his efforts to salvage the lives of the incarcerated?

Could it be that Democrats are afraid they’ll lose votes from felons once they become educated and gainfully employed?

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