Parrots for Patriots pairs Vets with PSTD  with abandoned parrots.

Normally people think of dogs as therapy animals for Vets, but the Founder of Parrots for Patriots, Chris Diggens, recognized that parrots can fit the bill.

Today reports,

Parrots are needy in a way that gives their owners a sense of purpose and responsibility. Birds also live longer than dogs and cats. Paul Thomas, an Air Force veteran, explained the reason behind why he adopted his first bird:

“I got tired of burying my dogs. (For veterans), that loss can be hard. It brings up a lot of things.”

Many parrots can live to be 80 years old, but their long lifespans also contribute to why there are so many rescue birds. The birds outlive their owners, and there’s nowhere for them to go. Through his work with Parrots for Patriots, Driggins aims to help both abandoned birds and struggling veterans.


They add  that these birds provide much needed structure and responsibility to traumatized vets who struggle with these  issues.

God has surely blessed us with many types of angels!

To learn more about this wonderful organization or to donate visit http://parrotsforpatriots-org.nwbirdrescue.com/

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