Gloria Allred presstitute Beverly Young Nelson, a Roy Moore accuser, confessed to forging the yearbook-supposedly key evidence proving past perv allegations.

In a stunning example of why it’s vital to stop this trend of issuing guilty verdicts based  solely on accusations and trial-by-media, a Roy Moore accuser confessed that she “added notes,” aka forged- the infamous yearbook.

The yearbook supposedly provided evidence of her claim that Moore assaulted her behind a restaurant when she was just 16 years old. 

Breitbart reported,

“Beverly Young Nelson has finally admitted that she forged a portion of the infamous high school yearbook that she and attorney Gloria Allred used as proof of her accusations against U.S. Senate candidate Roy Moore.”

Three strikes you’re out. More than three-you’re way  the Hell out. 
  • Beverly Young’s own stepson, Darrel Nelson, immediately warned voters not to listen to her. He said he believes she’s lying and is being paid.
  • Her story was debunked by several key witnesses who testified that many details of her story were false. 
  • She had a motive aside from a hefty payday. Judge Moore had ruled against her in a divorce case. Skeptics point to her divorce documents that were signed by Roy Moore for providing access to his signature for her to copy. The yearbook  signature matched Beverly Young’s divorce papers that had “D.A.” added. Turns out “D.A.” was the initials of his assistant at the time, Delbra Adams, who added them to his official signature. Oops.
  • Moore’s accuser has now admitted to forging the key “evidence” that Allred chose to offer to the press for trial-by-media.
Thank you Beverly Young Nelson!

She’s given us 8 game-changing takeaways to put an end to the Pink Hat Coup:

  1. Her admission has further discredited any cry-wolf woman who has Gloria Allred as her attorney.  
  2. She crushed Libs like Lena Dunham by proving that women DO lie about rape. Some men have lost years of their lives languishing in prison, only to have their psychotic accuser recant or be outed years later. It doesn’t happen a lot, but that it happens at all should matter to anyone with a moral compass. 
  3. Young proves that the “world would be a better place if only women were in charge” is a sentiment as dated as big hair and your gramma’s mumu.
  4. That women (or male accusers) who are found to make false accusations must be held accountable and punished to the full extent of the law. 
  5. That while victims’ accusations must be respected and investigated, they cannot be  automatically “believed”  without proof and a proper investigation. Both parties deserve due process of the law and equal protection under the law. 
  6. That trial-by-media is a new political disease that must be stopped in its tracks now.  And that applies to both Republicans and Democrats. This is dangerous territory and not a country any of us would want to live in. 
  7. The Left is clearly politicizing sexual harassment as a narrative to present women as sexual victims of big bad men everywhere  in order to take down political opponents. 
  8. The feminist-and often vulgar-Left is suddenly painting their women as  paragons of virtue and weak-willed victims. The obvious goal is to revive the P* tape scandal to oust our President and Make America Grovel Again. It’s push-back time.
Gloria Allred’s already got 2 strikes. Time to make it three. 

Gloria Allred is currently  under two separate bar investigations. This incident should open another one asap. 

Breitbart’s John Nolte, chided  ABC, “the disgraced, Left wing network,” for downplaying Young’s  crime of forgery as adding notes. and not asking  tough follow-up questions.

I’ve got a coupla few questions too:

The public quickly busted the notes as a forgery.  When first confronted on live TV about the accusations she was tongue-tied and couldn’t understand why anyone would question the signatures. She went dark. She dodged questions. She refused to hand over the yearbook for inspection.

The writing was on the wall. She could face charges or disbarment.

Q: At what point did Allred know her client “added notes?”

Q: When did Young add “notes” and was it her own idea?

 Moore’s signature looks like a forgery, but aside from a few clumsy mistakes, a  pretty damn good one.

Q: Is Beverly Young a professional forger-or did she have help? Like someone from Gloria’s crew?

There’s a good way to find out-charge Beverly Young Nelson with forgery and defamation.  Far as I know Attorney-Client privilege is a one way street.

It might also be a good idea to “follow the money” to see if she will receive a payout for keeping her attorney’s “suggestions” and practices out of the spotlight. 

Digging their high heels in.

Even after Beverly Young admitted to forging the yearbook, the two held a press conference this morning. 

Gloria Allred claimed to have her own forensic document  expert examine the document and he said it was A-OK. She is still refusing to hand it over until after a hearing is scheduled. “We’re very transparent,” she said. 

In other words, even though we all know it’s a farce, dragging it out could still destroy Roy Moore’s chance of being elected, so Allred is pushing forward-no doubt prodded by her Globalist pimps. 

Leftstream media is scrambling to keep the yearbook “evidence” alive.”

There’s no time like hard time. 

I’m no lawyer, but it looks like the type of forgery that was presented to the public with the intent to defraud and ruin a man’s life is at least a Class B Felony in the state of Alabama. Sentences could range from a fine of “not over $30,000.00 and/or incarceration for no less than 2 years and not more than 20. 

In Alabama it’s generally tough for a public figure who must prove malice in order to win a case of defamation. But it might not be too tough in this case.  Penalties for defamation vary and can include punitive, compensatory and case specific damages. 

If faced with such charges, it would be interesting to see how Young responds.

Allred is already under two bar investigations. This could be the death blow to her illustrious career as a feminazi ambulance chaser. 

On the other hand she’s an awesome red flag. All we have to see is her standing next to someone with her feigned sympathetic scowl and we can bet they’re a fraud.

Your thoughts? Comment below!

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