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Wut? Squiggly Eyebrows ‘n’ Lips Are the Latest Thing

squiggly brows

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The new fashion trend is squiggly eyebrows and lips.

That’s cool. Maybe it’ll take their minds of their unbridled gut-wrenching hate due to Hillary’s crushing loss. I’d rather see squiggly eyebrows and smiling squiggly lips than pink P*hats and enraged  man-eating, baby-killing snarls.

Granted, it’s just an assumption that they’re actually happy because squiggly eyebrows and lips make it damn near impossible to read their expression.

Oh well. Here’s some of the  variations…

Confession- I like it. 

It would be great if their unleashed creativity would crack open their brittle pineal glands. Maybe they could start thinking for themselves. If they’re open to this new out of the box idea, there’s no telling what they’re capable of.

Another plus-maybe they’ll take relationships more seriously. After spending 6 hours putting on lipstick, they’re probably not gonna waste a kiss on the wrong guy.

Eyebrow therapy

IMO Leftie kids today could use some harmless fun. Let ’em spend a few hours in front of the mirror instead of attacking elderly veterans in wheelchairs, pepper-spraying  their fellow Americans and committing various felonies.

If make up and eyebrow therapy is the cure for Trump Derangement Syndrome go for it! Hell, let’s re-open the discos and Make America Fun Again!

(The rest of us will remain diligent and clobber the Globalists for all our sakes.) 

Whaddya think of this look? Comment below!

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  1. Kellie Towne

    Seriously ? Squiggly eyebrows. You just look like you have no idea how to do eyebrows and make up. Secondly it also looks like been make w a outlet in your house.

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