Yucca Mountain in Nevada is the chosen site for disposing of radioactive fuel rods.

President Trump slated $100 million dollars to complete construction of the Yucca Mt. nuclear burial facility.  Dems are pushing back.

If the rods are not disposed of properly they represent a nuclear threat of catastrophic proportions to our environment.

“Liberals” claim to be FOR the environment. But they’re just ANTI-Trump.

Most “green” organizations were  politicized and weaponized by George Soros.

They’re clueless that their priorities have morphed from genuine concern for our environment to sabotaging our fairly elected President.

Hypocritical “progressive” pigs left a big fat  environmental turd behind at Standing Rock. They left a filthy mess in their wake at the manipulated Women’s March. Their green money grubbing  emails reek with toxic Trump- hate.

They’re also completely clueless that nukes and radioactivity completely destroy the environment!

Obviously Green Hillbots don’t know much about nuclear waste, nuclear war or radioactive afterlife (half-life). Due to the instability of decaying atoms, radioactivity can persist for anywhere from 10,000 years to 250,00 years or more.

The Dems’ beloved leader Obama and their career criminal candidate were itching to start a nuclear war with Russia. It was imminent. Globalist Dems and RINOs are still aching for it.

Newsflash  for Left-Leaning “environmentalists:

Nuclear war and nuclear disasters such as Chernobyl and Fukushima are very, very bad for the environment!

Democrats could work with President Trump to bury these deadly fuel rods.  But much like their flirting with nuclear war, they play politics and invite environmental disaster.

The Dems love to portray themselves as being environmentalists.

Obama was vocal on “climate change” issues, but he’s the one who brought the Yucca Mt. project to a screeching halt. Dems continue the trend by pushing back on President Trump’s very generous proposal to deal with the nuclear waste.

How would a nuclear disaster help climate change?

President Trump proposed spending $100 million to deal with the proper disposal of nuclear waste in Yucca Mountain.

As with prisons, everyone needs them, but “not in my backyard.”  Sure, that’s understandable. We all feel that way.

However, there’s two reasons why in this case. that objection is more political than rational. 

  1.  Yucca Mt. isn’t in anyone’s back yard. * It’s a massive wasteland. Contrary to what critics say, it will never be usable for development.
  2.  When nuclear disasters occur, the radioactive waste is in everyone’s back yard.

The  1986 the Chernobyl disaster covered all of Europe in a radioactive plume. Scandinavia was badly affected. The effects are still being felt, as scientists have found that forest fires release lingering radioactivity from the soil.

The nuclear waste from Fukushima traveled to the West coast of the US. CNBC reported that “Experts say that we’ll see the effects for decades to come.” The plant is still leaking.

Trump’s predecessors really dropped the ball on this one.

Other administrations kept kicking the deadly can down the road.

But it probably won’t happen under President Trump’s watch. Even his most staunch advocates can’t deny that he’s a man of action.

They’ve had years  to deal with the ticking time bomb of these radioactive materials. The Yucca Mountain facility was first designated as a burial site in 1987. Construction began in 1993. The longer people play their partisan games the closer we are to a nuclear event. An environmental disaster.

True-it is hairy that the waste will have to be transported by train.

But it’s going to have to happen at some point, somewhere. It will be taking a chance. But not dealing with it guarantees the inevitable.

President Trump will grow our economy and create energy dependence by unleashing our energy industries. (check out why Russia would have benefited more from Hillary’s energy policies)

There is talk that President Trump will invest money into existing plants to avoid their being shut down. That’s not a bad idea. The last thing we’d need to to let a plant holding enormous amounts of radioactive materials to corrode.

However, let’s hope that expanding nuclear energy will not be part of the game plan.

They’ve been playing with nuclear energy since 1954. It does provide energy, but the risk is immeasurable. There have been many issues with malfunctions as well as accidents. Aside from Chernobyl and Fukushima, we can’t forget Three Mile Island and most recently, Farmanville, France.

Another problem is that in all this time, the nuclear energy industry has not provided adequate methods to deal with nuclear waste.

But the fact is we’re stuck with the waste they created. It won’t go away on its own.

Today’s  ‘feminists” cloak their violent ideology in many layers of pink. Weaponized environmentalists cloak their Anti-Trump narrative in green.

Many environmental organizations are no longer social causes. they’re Soros backed causes aimed to take down our fairly elected President.

Soros  hijacked the heartbeat of the once pristine mission to preserve our environment with his dirty money. Now their primary focus is to “resist” Trump every step of the way.

It’ll kill’em like water on the witch if President Trump turns out to be good for the environment!

They spew hatred for “climate deniers.” They’ll never understand how they’ve been duped into that one. All the climate change “debate” has done is suck up time and millions of dollars of resources. The endgame was a cagey way for the Globalists to run creepy social engineering experiments and tax us on living and breathing.

If climate change actually is caused by man, the only solution will be clean air, clean water and clean earth. So why not just jump into the solution?

Some indications that President Trump won’t  “destroy the planet.”
  • Flint Michigan water. In a bipartisan move, he freed up $100 million to the residents of Flint, Michigan to fix their water problem.
  • He wants to actually deal with this nuclear waste problem rather than let it sit like a ticking time bomb.
  • In spite of cuts to the EPA budget, President Trump has promised that we will have clean air and water.
  • Donated his first check of over $78,000 to the Park Service
  • “Environmentalists always accused him of being in cahoots with the land-killing Koch brothers. But they can’t stand each other. Trump refused their big money and even kicked them off his golf course.  However, their candidate Hillary gladly accepted money from Koch-Bro lobbyists.

These are positive indicators. Hopefully he will be good for the environment while taking us on the road to energy independence.

But it will require bipartisan efforts.

The Dems need to drop the hate and get back to work.

But that’s not likely to happen. The Democratic Party has been hijacked by Globalist interests.  The Green Party was led by Jill Stein who joined ranks with Bernie as an embarrassing Hillary Sellout, so that’s not an option.

Fortunately, although Dems love to perpetuate stereotypes, there are many Republicans who care deeply about environmental causes. Hopefully they’ll step up to the plate.  Maybe Ivanka will lead the way.

If you have time this Still Report video outlines the Yucca Mt. issue very well.

*It’s complicated.

There is one  sticky “backyard” issue involving Native Americans.

From 1951-1992 the government used the  Yucca Mountain area to test nuclear bombs. Mushroom clouds were visible from the Las Vegas strip.

Sadly, the nuclear testing took a toll on the health of Shoshone and Paiute Nations.

Something should have been done for these people a long time ago. Perhaps their attachment to the land is hard for us to understand. But considering the impact on their health, it’s puzzling as to why they weren’t given relocation assistance, a new clean swath of land to call their own.

Yes, this sounds terribly ignorant because they view their land as sacred.

It is sacred. But it’s  been tragically destroyed due to nuclear testing and lingering radioactivity. Their lives and their health is sacred too. If they were granted land elsewhere, that land would be sacred as well.

It would be ideal to consider their needs in the process, without it becoming a politicized photo-op for weaponized  Green Lefties.

What is your opinion about nuclear energy? Comment below!